Sister Spotlight: Cait Zona, Student Body President

10462675_782855751747192_1473129048504255412_n 11017009_920163278016438_2062162961179634342_nAfter being actively involved in student government and spending hours endless hours campaigning, our sister Cait Zona was elected as the first Panhelllenic Student Body President.

Through the campaign process, Cait says she is thankful to have had a strong support system, her family, sisters, and members of student government.

Since Cait first arrived at UCF, she has made involvement, both with student government and philanthropies, a priority.

“My freshmen year, I wanted to make my legacy at UCF. I had always been involved in high school and wanted to make sure that UCF wasn’t just a university for me, but a home,” Cait said.

Her freshman year, she met her Vice President Jarell.

“Freshmen year, in the midst of trying to find myself and find out where I wanted my path to lead me, I met Jarell. As two freshmen in Senate, we quickly became friends. Over time, we have worked together and have loved doing so. I can truly say I cannot imagine having another person standing right beside me,”

In her time here so far, Cait has held a Senate seat for the College of Education. She has also served as the Legislative, Judicial, and Rules Committee Vice Chair, Legislative Assistant to Speaker Jaclyn Graham (1st Woman Speaker at UCF and now graduated Tri Delta), President Pro Tempore of Senate, and Speaker of the Senate. She has also served on the Vice Chair for the Activity and Service Fee Committee and the Chair of the University Fee Committee.

While it took Cait a year to realize she wanted to give Greek life a chance, she participated in formal recruitment with an open mind and found herself loving Tri Delta.

“My two biggest inspirations in Student Government were Tri Delta’s, but I wanted to see what else was out there. I should have known that my heart would guide me right through the doors of 4220 Greek Park Drive and into the arms and hearts of the amazing women that I met in SGA,” Cait said.

She is now Assistant Recruitment for the chapter.

“Being able to have those leadership opportunities is awesome but I am most excited for my newest endeavor, being the first Panhellenic Student Body President. I love serving with the students at the University of Central Florida and I want to help students unleash their legacy,” Cait said.


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