Stories of our summer

As sisters of Tri Delta, we strive to hold ourselves to the highest standard and summer break isn’t much of a break. Here’s how we are spending our summer, volunteering, traveling and so much more!


Our sisters Jannah (above left) and Jourdan McKinnis (above right) travel to Antigua, Guatemala on a mission trip. This wasn’t their first mission trip and won’t be their last. During their stay in the underprivileged area, they found so much from playing with the kids and helping out!

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Our sister Jennifer Coliton packed up her things and headed to Botswana, Africa where she will be teaching in an underprivileged village called Kgomodiatshaba for a month. Most of the luggage she brought with her, consisting of board games, school supplies and clothing, will be donated and left in Kgomodiatshaba. Jen tells us “looking down on Mochudi village while women balance baskets on their heads, men push wheel barrows of supplies, and children run and play. They prove that money doesn’t buy happiness.”


Our sister Liz Youlio is embracing the outdoors and dedicating her summer to volunteering at one of the oldest Catholic camps in Florida. This will be her second time as a counselor at Good Counsel Camp and can’t wait to help kids have a great summer. Liz tells us “being a counselor is really rewarding because you get to know you have positively impacted someone’s life”.


Our animal lovin’ sister Melissa Spaeth is saving puppies all summer long on rescue flights. Not only is flying on the plane a beautiful experience, Melissa says saving the puppies and giving them to people who will take good care of them is really exciting, “it’s nice to see the that they are going to be healthy and cared for in a nice home.”

melissaOur sister Cristal De La Cruz is roaming around with the family she nannies for, and keeping us updated with fashion, cooking and travel tips on her blog. First stop for the nanny was Las Vegas and the next stop may be Europe!unnamed

Our sister Sarah spent time last summer building a house for an injured veteran’s family with a local church. This summer, she is heading back to the house after a year since it was built. Sarah tells us “I’m still close with some of the family and even though I didn’t travel far, I was still able to help someone right in our backyard.”

unnamed (1)

Delta love from Beta Lambda


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