13 reasons why we LOVE being a UCF Tri Delta

After a long summer of being away from our home on Greek Park Dr., we can’t contain our excitement about the start of fall and here’s why!


1. Reunited with sisters we didn’t get to see over the summer.

2. Having Mama Tay (our house mom) back in our lives.

3. Getting to eat meal plan again. Nothin’ better than Chef Reed and the house boys!

4. Participating in other philanthropy events. Practicing on dance and cheer routines for hours creates some of the best memories. And, the whole chapter chanting before performing reminds us why we joined a sorority.

5. You’ll actually have photos to post for #TriDeltaTuesday again, and not just throwbacks.

6. Getting a big or little within 10 days of Bid Day immediately gives us a sister to lean on.

7. There’s no embarrassment for crashing on a sister’s floor or the BRC (the big red couch upstairs). And hey, you can just wake up and roll out of bed to meal plan if it’s during the week!

8. We actually don’t mind addressing a hundred envelopes and letters. Cause dude it’s for St. Jude.

9. Formal chapter dinners for those Sunday nights when you start to miss home and just need a family style dinner, (especially when it’s Bento or Chipotle catering).

10. Waking up at the crack of dawn (literally 6 a.m.) for some game days cause GO KNIGHTS. Not to mention, black and gold are the best colors to wear.

11. Having Duane and Elizabeth around, who despite our occasional messy ways help us keep our home spotless and in working order.

12. Having a friend. Whether it’s going to the gym or watching a movie, there’s always someone who will want to join. Also, what’s Uber and who walks to class? There’s always a sister willing to give you a ride.

13. At the end of the day, we know we have someone to count on. “Let us steadfastly love one another” isn’t just a motto with us.


Delta love from UCF Tri Delta.


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