The LITTLE things that make a BIG difference


When asking someone why they wanted to join a sorority, among their reasons will probably be that they wanted to meet people. This is a common answer here at UCF, because like some of us already know, going to a university with more than 60,000 students is intimidating to say the least. Even being the outgoing, social person that I am, I found my first semester at UCF prior to rushing pretty lonely. I had a couple friends from home that moved here at the same time I did, but I still ached to meet more people and create a network of friends that I could rely on. So I was ecstatic when Summer B came to an end and Panhellenic Recruitment was right around the corner! Throughout the process of recruitment, I met so many people and made friends in multiple houses along Greek Park. These friends I made, I have kept and treasure, because despite the fact that I found my home somewhere else, we have remained close. After running home to Tri Delta, I fell in love with not only the organization itself, but the 160+ girls I was sharing it with. Among the several different kinds of friendships that you develop with your sisters, there is one that stands out: your big sister. There are some misconceptions when it comes to finding your big sister including that she has to be exactly like you, that you will definitely find her during recruitmeynt, and so on. I will be the first to debunk these myths because I although I adore my big, she is nothing like me and we didn’t meet until after I ran home. Every sorority has a different process in pairing a big and little, Tri Delta has a mutual selection process. We take pride in having a system that allows both the big and the little to find each other, rather than it being a one-sided process. I remember feeling nervous as a new member that I wouldn’t fit in or feel at home, but with so many genuine girls wanting to meet me and making me feel so loved, it was impossible for me not to. Your big is someone that shows you the ropes of both Greek life and UCF life, someone you can always go to in a time of need, and someone that watches over you. She will spoil you, give you advice and take pride in the fact that you are her little. My big inspires me to be a better person and depicts everything that I hope to be in my upcoming college years. The relationship we have is one of the strongest bonds I’ve had in my college career thus far, and I’m forever grateful to Tri Delta for providing me with that bond. Now that I have found my little and we’ll soon be joined by a Grandlittle, I have never been more thankful for a family within my chapter to call my own.

Delta love, Vice President Public Relations Allie Ingram



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