Bid Day ’15: Delta Delta Delta in Wonderland!

Ah, Bid Day. The best day of the year for a sorority girl. Some refer to it as “Christmas on Greek Park”. It’s the day every chapter gets to welcome home dozens of new members that have found the place they will call home for the next few years.

After a long week of recruitment, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your hard work pay off in the glowing faces of the girls running into your arms on Bid Day. I know this is how we all felt this year! Having 62 amazing girls run home to Tri Delta on Bid Day made every ounce of hard work we put into the week prior worth it. Every single girl is unique and beautiful in her own way, and they each have something wonderful to bring to our chapter! We are so excited that they found the love and comfort in our home that we all found here.

Our Bid Day theme this year was Delta Delta Delta in Wonderland. After the girls ran home, we celebrated with a DJ, snacks and a photo booth, but this was only the beginning of our celebration.

Following Bid Day, we continued our celebration into the night, going as an entire chapter to Epcot at Disney World! We were lucky enough to get a VIP dessert party in Epcot’s Italy, and got an exclusive viewing of the fireworks. It was a truly magical night, and one that we as a chapter will never forget.


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